Kings River Life Magazine

Today I’m interviewing Lorie Lewis Ham, publisher of a very popular e-magazine.

What is the name of your magazine and how long has it been published?

Kings River Life

3 1/2 years

What gave you the idea to take on this project?

I was let go at my newspaper job and I got to thinking about all of the subjects I had been told when I worked there that I couldn’t write about, that no one would read them, and decided to put together a magazine with those topics and prove them wrong.

What is the major theme?

Community, entertainment & human interest is the best over all description.

Describe a typical work week?

Monday is doing Twitter promo, catch up, and posting a movie review

Tuesday is updating event pages and more catch up

Wednesday is writing and posting the theatre review & whatever prep for the next issue

Thursday is posting the articles for the next issue

Friday is doing whatever writing I need to do

Saturday the issue goes up and then it’s about promoting the issue & checking and making sure everything looks good

Sunday is Facebook promo

How many readers do you have?

 8000-10000 a month

What types of events do you cover?

 Mostly theatre, music, and pet events.


How many contributor authors do you have?

 We have roughly a staff of about 30 people who contribute–some monthly, others just every once in awhile. And then we have guest posts, mostly from mystery writers.

Do you have paid advertisers?

 We have a few paid advertisers–are hoping for more.

Do you enjoy the work? 

Mostly, but there can be a lot of stress

The end product?

I am very proud of each issue we put out.

What would you like to add to the questions?

 I believe that Kings River Life has something for everyone–we cover a large variety of topics-entertainment, books, food, pets, mental health, going green & more. Check us out at There is a new issue every Saturday



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